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Housing division reinvents itself faced with environmental challenges As the European leader, this division is at the forefront of this new paradigm

The European leader for leisure homes, our Group’s Housing division is naturally positioned at the forefront of this new paradigm. Florence Bugeon, Sales and Marketing Director at BIO HABITAT, looks back on the transformation of the camping sector and how BIO HABITAT has successfully innovated to offer its clients products that are in line with the current environmental challenges.

Could you tell us about how the camping market is evolving and BIO HABITAT is embracing these new dynamics?

FB: The camping sector has seen rapid growth for years, establishing itself as the preferred holiday format in France, with more than 140 million overnight stays in 2023. This is also a sector that is seeing major changes, paving the way for new offers for clients, from family camping to slow camping and even themed camping. We are fully aligned with these dynamics with our clients to develop accommodation that is both attractive and environmentally responsible. Our research is guided by digital, comfort, landscape integration and safety aspects.

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How is BIO HABITAT incorporating environmental stakes into its product offering?

FB: The environmental concerns in the camping tourism sector relate primarily to two core areas. First of all, the impacts relating to climate change, such as fires and flooding, involve significant challenges and require solutions that are adapted to the circumstances. Another core stake concerns energy and water consumption, and it is essential to find solutions for how to reduce these levels.

At BIO HABITAT, we have a longstanding commitment to the environment. It goes back around 15 years when we first achieved our ISO 14001 certification. As a leader, we are recognized for not only our environmental experience, but also our ability to offer innovative solutions that are effectively aligned with the challenges faced today.

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What recent innovations have you developed to respond to the new environmental challenges and the stakes involved?

FB: Today, with the environmental emergency facing our industry, we need to reinvent ourselves. A study on the life cycle of leisure homes found that 78% of their environmental impact is linked to their use. BIO HABITAT has decided to devote 100% of its energy to reducing the energy consumed by holidaymakers. This led to the launch of HATHA, the first passive leisure home!

With 45% less energy losses, 49% less water consumption and 76% less electricity consumption overall, we are adopting a groundbreaking vision by firmly focusing on tomorrow’s leisure home. We are targeting low-carbon performance in both the construction phase and the in-use phase for leisure homes, and we will continue to build on our progress over the coming years.

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