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Elium® revolution: opening boats up to the circular economy

This is a groundbreaking step that we are proud of: in 2023, after four years of a partnership with Arkema, we successfully used the Elium® resin on an industrial scale. Recyclable, it is a future alternative to traditional resins, supporting the eco-design of our boats.

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Resin combining performance and sustainability

The Elium® resin has the same properties as traditional resins like polyester. But with the major advantage of being recyclable. It can be separated from the rest of the composite through pyrolysis, then recovered during the decommissioning phase, to then be used for other applications. Hulls, decks, bridges, helms, masts, foiling wings… Bringing boats back to life!

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Production processes revolution

Upstream from the challenge of decommissioning, we aim to ultimately use 20% to 30% of this recycled resin in our production process. In 2022, a first proof of concept was launched with the Elium® resin’s use for the Beneteau First 44. In 2023, operations were relaunched at the Cheviré yard (Nantes) to produce the Mini 6.50 and transition from a laboratory to an industrial facility. The results were sufficiently convincing to launch a series with the Jeanneau Sun Fast 30 OD, working with Multiplast and Mer Concept.

We produced the world’s first recyclable boat series. Being able to make a boat that is so beautiful, robust and affordable, while also 100% recyclable, is already a major advance. Achieving this on an industrial scale is simply unprecedented.

Angélique Perocheau
Team Leader and Molding Operator dedicated to Elium® resin

In 2023, at the legendary Cheviré yard, Angélique Perocheau and her team successfully built the Jeanneau Sun Fast 30 One Design: the world’s first series sailing yacht made with 100% recyclable Elium® resin.

Who are you Angélique Perocheau?

Following six years in molding and draping at one of Groupe Beneteau’s production sites, I am now a team leader and Elium® resin infuser at the Cheviré yard. And I am someone who believes that we need to evolve and change with our times! So, when I was approached to take on this challenge, I said yes straight away.


What are the specific features of the Jeanneau Sun Fast 30 One Design?

Developed working closely with the architects from VPLP Design and the Multiplast yard, the Jeanneau Sun Fast 30 One Design is a 30-foot sailing yacht with outstanding performance capabilities. Innovative, powerful and versatile, it has been designed to make offshore racing more accessible and more fun, as well as more sustainable. It is the first series yacht produced using recyclable composites!

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How is this a major advance in terms of moving towards responsible boating?

Being able to make a boat that is so beautiful, robust and affordable, while also 100% recyclable, is already a major advance. Achieving this on an industrial scale is simply unprecedented. And it is opening up a new era. We have shown that the Elium® resin delivers the same robustness and performance as polyester. With a revolutionary and unique property of recyclability. From its hull to the deck and structure, the Jeanneau Sun Fast 30 OD is first and foremost aligned with the boat building standards that will apply over the next 10 to 15 years! Groupe Beneteau is opening up a new phase in the history of sailing. We will bring offshore racing closer to everyone who wants to go quickly on the water, combined with comfort and sustainability, as well as affordability.


What was your biggest challenge with this project?

We needed to learn how to master this resin! With Elium®, there is no scope for making mistakes. This is a material that requires an extremely rigorous approach and a very high level of technical expertise. And this challenge was successfully met thanks to the team’s know-how, ability to learn and exceptional quality. Learning new processes, progressing, pushing the boundaries of innovation. This is what we like within Groupe Beneteau!

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recycled resin used for the Jeanneau Sun Fast 30 OD

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