2023 Stories

Une aventure 100 % ISO du groupe Beneteau

A 100% ISO adventure

“With commitment and dedication, we can go a long way. And we proved this by meeting the collective challenge of achieving ISO 14001 (environment) and 50001 (energy) certification for 100% of our French sites in 2023. It is our high standards, demonstrated by each and every one of us, that enable us to constantly progress with effectively managing our environmental impacts… without ever compromising on quality!”

Vanessa – Energy Environment Expert (Bordeaux – France)

Marche pour octobre rose du Groupe Beneteau

We walked to help beat cancer

“And we will continue to do so! Stepping outside our work environment to get involved and show support alongside women with breast cancer: this was a really strong moment we shared together. I have been supporting this initiative for the past 10 years now. Every year, we see new people join us, and we even have retired staff who come back for this occasion!”

Murielle – Molding Production, La Bégaudière (Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie – France)

Design sans titre (45)

ENSAAMA scaling up

“Students from the ENSAAMA School of Art & Design showed their creativity by creating full-scale mock-ups of our boats: that happened this year in our workshops! With the theme of boating 3.0, boats for living, 24 young people and their teachers imagined, with us, new solutions for tomorrow’s boats. A great moment highlighting the strength of this collaboration through the Beneteau Foundation over the past six years”.

Cyril – Project Leader, Beneteau Foundation (Paris, BERI 21 headquarters – France)

Le 1000ème Lagoon du Groupe Beneteau

The Lagoon 42 family celebrates its 1000th member!

“Eight years after the first one took to the water, the teams at Bellevigny built the 1000th Lagoon 42 in November 2023: an outstanding industrial achievement, representing around 1,300 hours of work with a range of skills and expertise and more than 3,000 components assembled together. This is the first boat from the LAGOON brand to offer an open cockpit for a unique connection with the water”.

Nicolas – Project Manager, Lagoon (Bellevigny – France)

Portes ouvertes du Groupe Beneteau au Portugal

Portas abertas: sharing our pride!

“Young and old alike will have a unique memory of our first open day event at our Portuguese site: on May 20, 2023, we were able to show our friends and family where we work and what we do each day, from molding to assembly. We were able to meet our colleagues’ families and see all the children’s eyes light up when visiting our boats! This event brought together 950 people. Just one year after our site opened, this was a great moment”.

Kathleen – HR Project Manager (Gandra – Portugal)

Une histoire de Transmission

Supporting transmission

“Once again this year, the Group’s In-house Training Center demonstrated its essential role in terms of ensuring the quality of our products: from onboarding new staff to ramping up the skills of more experienced team members, it is a core pillar supporting our collective success. All the way through to the water! In 2023, we organized 62 outings at sea on board the Beneteau Foundation’s boat, Lady Valentine, to train our teams on sailing culture. In total, more than 32,000 hours of training were provided by 15 trainers in France”.

Pierre – In-house Training Center Manager (Commequiers – France)

Le Mline, du sens pour la plaisance

Driving recreational boats forward

“In January 2023, the launch of the new Prestige M-line was one of the most fascinating adventures of my 15 years with the Group. Fully developing a groundbreaking concept boat, driving recreational boating forward, with so many dedicated and passionate people: a truly unique experience! Especially when it has enjoyed such success with our clients”.

Rosalie – Marketing Manager (Dompierre-sur-Yon- France)

Une relève qui assure Groupe Beneteau

Successful handover

“Working on an exceptional boat like the Jeanneau Yachts 55 is like a childhood dream come true. As an intern within the Group on a work-based training program, I am learning to lead rich and varied projects to design increasingly sustainable boats. We are tomorrow’s boating world! And this is a magnificent human adventure, for us, the Group’s 106 interns”.

Guillaume – Intern – Project Manager (Givrand– France)

Design sans titre (15)

Starboard taking off in Italy!

“We are so proud to have launched the Group’s new ERP, here in Monfalcone, with the entire team in November 2023. We needed time, patience and a lot of work to successfully complete this major project. Demonstrations, training sessions tailored to each person’s needs, bug fixes… On the very first day, 100 logistical and financial transactions were carried out without any errors. And the results can be seen today: the Group now has the boat industry’s most advanced ERP. We are ready to support the rollout of Starboard at our other sites”.

Marco – Supply Chain Manager (Monfalcone – Italy)

Roadshow américain du Groupe Beneteau

American roadshow delivering a range of benefits

“With the slowdown in our industry, it is reassuring to see that Groupe Beneteau has put plans in place to help us weather the storm”.

Larry – Plant Director (Cadillac – United States)

Au coeur du port bordelais pour le Groupe Beneteau

At the heart of Bordeaux’s naval ecosystem

“Our partnership with the Port of Bordeaux benefits all the yachting stakeholders and the ecosystem of the naval hub that we are part of. The dockside infrastructures, opened up to us, enable us to welcome an international clientele in an environment that is aligned with their expectations”.

Clément – CEO, Construction Navale Bordeaux (Bordeaux – France)

Moments VIP au Grand Pavois

Grand Pavois, a great VIP moment

“This was a really strong moment for 45 dedicated staff to come together like this, in total immersion, at this show. We were able to enjoy 100% of the client experience and visit the boats, including the two eco-design world firsts: the Jeanneau Sun Fast 30 OD and the Mini 6.5. We realized the full impact of our contributions!”.

Elodie – Production Operator (Assembly) (La Rochelle – France)

Inspiration durable aux Assises de la mer

Sustainable inspiration at the Assises de la mer event

“We need to think about the solutions for decarbonization throughout the life cycle of our boats. Offshore racing and recreational boating are two different worlds, but with inspiring gateways between them to meet the challenges and stakes involved with the green transition for our industry”.

Bruno Thivoyon – Groupe Beneteau CEO (Nantes – France)

Excess campus

Excess Campus: phase 1!

“It is a real privilege to be part of a training session with the brand itself, as well as with all the members of the team who designed the boats and those who fit them out”.

Excess owner (Canet-en-Roussillon – France)

Jeanneau Odyssey Experience

Pioneering Jeanneau Odyssey Experience 

“Sailing the world’s seas on board a Sun Odyssey 410 to protect the environment through education: JEANNEAU changed the lives of five friends united by this shared dream by showing its confidence and trust in us”.

Iñaki, Skipper with Sail For Tomorrow (Sailing around the world)

Pulls moches de noël

Ugly jumpers, with the magic of Christmas!

“More than 600 people got involved in the competition to win this award! Lots of fun in a great atmosphere, full of imagination, for the 69 teams who signed up. Congratulations to the Lutins de la Logistique team from Cholet for taking first place on the podium!”

Damien – Human Resources Manager (Cholet – France)

Pique nique entre collègues

Otwórz drzwi: picnic with colleagues

“June 1 is a special day in Poland: it is children’s day. And this is the day that we have chosen to bring together our teams and their families for a big picnic each year. Our goal: building connections between colleagues and colleagues’ children, integrating new arrivals and thanking all the teams for their great work!”

Marta, Executive Leadership Team, Poland (Ostroda – Poland)

Design sans titre (47)

Bringing our boats to life (again)!

“My Beneteau Flyer 5.5 refit project was selected! I had always wanted to buy a boat, but never had the opportunity to make this a reality. Thanks to this competition, I will be able to give my passion this new direction! This is an outstanding initiative by the company, enabling staff to enjoy sailing, while embracing a responsible approach”.

Mireille – Human Resources Manager (Commequiers – France)

24 awards pour le Groupe Beneteau

Series of awards for the Group

“Winning 24 awards around the world, our nine boat brands were rewarded for an exceptional year of launching new models. They recognize our Group’s capacity for innovation, its designs and its client experience”.

Yann Masselot (Dompierre–sur-Yon – France)