Innover pour impliquer le collectif

Innovating to involve community

We have a major, far-reaching project, but it is nothing without a crew to deploy it. We are continuously adapting our activities and our model to respond to our transformation challenges and the stakes involved. As part of this major adventure, our teams and partners showed in 2023 their outstanding ability to ensure our collective success. With an ethical approach.

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This is the number of staff whose commitment and dedication our Group is able to count on at December 31, 2023 (including 1,073 who joined us on permanent contracts and 106 on work-based training programs). Across 7 countries, 74% of them are operators and embody all our company’s industrial know-how.

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Parity, mobility, diversity!

2023 was marked in particular by our strong initiatives to promote gender parity, including the launch of our in-house program B-EQUAL. The Women Leaders taskforce helped drive progress on the issue of women leadership within the Group. Other key developments this year included the training provided for managers on sexual and sexist harassment, our signing up to the #STOPE program to combat everyday sexism in the workplace, and the global rollout of our gender equality index. For the Group, promoting diversity also means supporting all career paths: in France, more than 150 career development changes were recorded within the Group in 2023. As for Julie Morin, molding supervisor in Vendée: “From a temporary fabric operator position to a permanent role as a gap leader and then working as a supervisor: this outstanding progress has been possible thanks to all the training provided and the focus on transmitting skills and know-how”.

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Audacity as a source of shared progress

From innovation with social dialogue to the significant reduction in the accident frequency rate and the groundbreaking collaborative approaches established between all our stakeholders: our advances unite us together and enable us to progress. In 2023, with our employee representative partners, we built a working time adjustment agreement that is unique within our sector. It will make it possible to adapt activities at our production sites to the boat market’s significant fluctuations, while effectively safeguarding both jobs and skills. In terms of safety, the work accomplished together and the collective sense of responsibility embraced by all our staff enabled our Boat division to reduce its occupational accident frequency rate by 9% (versus 2022). These efforts will continue moving forward with dedication, but the figures are encouraging: according to our latest opinion survey in 2023, 75% of our staff are satisfied with their work environment, while 80% feel proud to work for Groupe Beneteau!