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Innovating to preserve oceans

To reduce our environmental impact, we adopted an increasingly daring approach in 2023. From designing to decommissioning our boats, we transformed our ideas into robust and mature solutions. Without compromising on the quality of the on-board experience, we continued moving forward with our commitment to helping preserve biodiversity and the marine ecosystem.

In 2023, Groupe Beneteau’s emissions relating to its electricity and gas consumption were reduced by 5% compared with 2022, with a 7% reduction in the intensity per hour worked. The Group also announced that it was ramping up this ambition to cover its entire scope 1, 2 and 3 footprint.


This is the target for reducing our CO2 emission intensity by 2030.

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Life cycle assessment: like a compass guiding our decisions

In 2023, we continued working to map the CO2 emissions relating to our products. The in-depth analysis of our boat life cycles is helping drive our innovation approach. It is enabling us to understand where the CO2 emissions are located for each model: from a sailing boat to a motorboat, we can adapt the solutions with a view to reducing the environmental impact across the entire chain.

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Naval architecture for smart design

Improving how the boat glides over the water to reduce its hull’s drag and therefore the motive power requirements. The Group worked on this solution in 2023 and applied it for the new Prestige M8. Result: dividing the energy consumption by two. This proves that performance can be combined with reduced energy consumption.

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Technological innovations and sustainable opportunities

From 14% in 2022 to 35% in 2023, we more than doubled the quantity of biosourced materials in our polyester resin. We also tested the recyclable resin Elium®, then integrated it on an industrial scale. We are committed to offering alternative propulsion systems on 100% of our lineup by 2030. Full electric, series hybrid for sailing or parallel hybrid on large units: a solution for each use.