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Reducing our impacts: a shared challenge Meeting with Chomarat, Groupe Beneteau partner for over 30 years

Chomarat, specialized in composite materials and technical textiles, has been working with our teams for over 30 years. In 2023, this partner won the gold medal awarded by Ecovadis, a global sustainability rating platform. We aim to have 80% of our suppliers aligned with this approach by 2030. Let’s hear from Myriam Faure, communications manager, and Vincent Chaulvy, sales manager.


Ecovadis 2023 score of our supplier Chomarat

Your 2023 Ecovadis score of 71/100 was recognized with a gold medal: what does this represent for you?

MF: In 2022, we achieved Ecovadis silver status. Followed by gold in 2023! Before 2020, our commitment was guided primarily by the compliance demands set by our clients. Today, we see Ecovadis as a real tool to help us make improvements. As the benchmark frame of reference for the industrial sector, it pushes us to formalize our approach more effectively. The publication of our first CSR report in 2023 illustrates this.

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How do you share this commitment with Groupe Beneteau?

MF: In 2023, we had a lot of discussions with Groupe Beneteau’s Procurement teams about our environmental, social and governance results and how we could continue to improve them. Ecovadis highlights our strengths and weaknesses, and helps us to better document our actions relating to the end-of-life policy for our products. This is very reassuring for clients and helps us structure our approach.

VC: Our teams are working together to develop more environmentally responsible products: using natural fibers, reintegrating our fiberglass offcuts… The idea of using hemp came about through our partnership with Groupe Beneteau’s technical teams. Continuing to improve the carbon footprint of the composite parts used is a shared challenge to help ensure our success together. We will only be able to achieve this goal if we have strong partnership-based relations in place and shared values that enable us to work on the core issues faced.

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What is your ambition for 2024?

MF: Maintaining our Ecovadis gold rating! It is becoming more and more demanding each year. So, we are planning ahead to respond to this.

VC: And continuing to build on our collaboration with Groupe Beneteau to go even further with the development of environmentally responsible solutions. Together, we are already looking into how to recover fabric offcuts on the boat production lines so that they can be reused!

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